São Paulo

Proinvest Finanças Corporativas Ltda

Av Brigadeiro Faria Lima 2391, 3rd floor
CEP 01452-000, São Paulo

Phone: +55 11 30351415

Mail: >>click here<<


In Brazil, ICFG in represented by Proinvest.

Proinvest is an advisory firm focused on Debt and Equity Structuring, Mergers & Acquisitions and related Corporate Finance Services. Proinvest has done more than 5 billion USD in transactions and is more than 25 years in business.

Senior Advisors:

  • André Burger
  • Paulo de Tarso Viera Barbosa
  • Seiji Iida
  • Antonio Carlos Cottens de Andrade
  • Sarita Dalló
  • Marco Aurélio Huerta Rodrigues Alves


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