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The Dutch health transportation company CISO has been acquired by the leading French health transportation company EHDH.
ICFG Paris - Carmin Finance advised the buyer in 2017
Pê the leading French fishing equipment online-shop has been acquired by Centre France La Montagne
ICFG Paris - Carmin Finance advised the buyer in 2017
CRESUS, the leading secondary market trader for luxury customers has been acquired by EFFICIO
ICFG Paris - Carmin Finance advised the buyer in 2017
Bâ, the innovative online manufacturing and selling company of ready-to-build sheds has opened its capital to the Private Equity Fund NEXT STAGE
ICFG Paris - Carmin Finance advised the seller in 2017
The French ARTMADIS has taken over assets and employees of Verbeelen, a distributor of cook- and kitchenware in Belgium.
ICFG Hamburg and ICFG Brussels advised the buyer in 2015.
A private investor acquired 100% of JRC Czech a.s., the leading videogames retailer in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Private Investor
ICFG Prague acted as financial advisor to the sellers.
Swiss based Buchzentrum acquires bpm consult ag, a leading provider of standard software for book trading and publishing.
ICFG Zurich - Ramus & Company advised the buyer in 2015.
Private investors acquired 100% of shares in Paliva V&V Sedlčany
Private investors
ICFG Prague advised the sellers in 2015
Overseas Participation SAS acquires 100% of the shares of Belsped Neuchatel SA
Overseas Participation SAS
ICFG Zurich acted as exclusive advisor to the seller.
JRC Czech, the Czech videogames retailer, was sold to The GAME Group plc (UK), a world leading videogames retailer.
ICFG Prague advised the seller in 2008.
i-center, a Czech distributor of electrical equipment, was sold to a Dutch strategic investor.
Symbiose Holding
ICFG Prague advised the sellers in 2007.

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